Saturday, October 20, 2012

Orvis 101

Today I went to my first Orvis 101 Fly fishing class in the Yonkers Ridge Hill Orvis store. I was invited by the Orvis Fly fishing specialist Shawn. The class was taught by Shawn and Store manager David. Two great guys that really love and support the sport of fishing. I was joined by other students of all ages and genders with little to a lot of experience. The class covered all beginner Fly fishing aspects and questions. They taught us about knots, lines, flies, rods, accessories, locations, and even how to cast a fly rod. I also forgot to mention that there was no fee. Yes thats right the class was FREE!
Not only was it my favorite price but they even gave class members some really decent coupons for Orvis stuff.

I must say I learned a lot today in the class and i would like to thank everyone that was there today. The  people at the Orvis store and instructors also did NOT pressure anyone to purchase anything at the Orvis store. in fact it is ok if you own other fly fishing brands. They just wanted to promote health practices of the sport. which I thought was great

Fly Casting lessons with Orvis 

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