Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Sunday Fishing

Today I was out trying to get sometime out trolling on a reservoir but the winds changed my plans and I headed out to the East Branch on the Croton. (I was there yesterday and was skunked). I have a new GoPro Camera along with my new Helios and Tver reel setup. I decided to try a new area that I never fished before and Bam (on my first cat) I hooked into a nice Brown Trout! I was so happy the smell of skunk was gone. 10 min later I nailed another Brown Trout in the same area. What could possibly stop me now? Work called and I had to leave after only a half hour of fishing. (SUCKS!) I am almost sure I could have caught more fish. Anyway Happy easter to everyone I hope you enjoy the vid & pic's

Saturday, March 16, 2013

I had sometime before work so I got out to the Croton Watershed System and decided to troll for some Brown trout. I was Skunked at my last attempt and I was fearful of the same outcome this trip after a couple of hours went by and there was no fish biting my presentations. I was out there crack of dawn

 Today 9:30AM March 16 2013 I landed my first Reservoir Brown Trout of the season a 4 pounder on a Rapala and I was very happy to avoid the skunk!

Later on around 11am I nailed a second trout 2.7lb . Great day on the water!

i also got some footage on the Gopro Hero2 (looking to upgrade to Hero 3)

Brown Trout March 16 2013 from Manny Martinez on Vimeo.

Sunday, March 10, 2013


Getting SKUNKED is a big part of fishing. Today I went out to beautiful Kensico Reservoir Rt22 from 10am-430pm with big expectations of catching trout. I tried trolling, Jigging & live bait and I did not get not one bite all day long. Although getting skunked sucks, hurts, and stinks I really do believe that it gets me to try harder next time while also showing us what works on certain day and what doesn't work. Today I just did find any fish. I really am looking forward to my next time out. Not all was a loss, Today was a beautiful day and I got to spend the day enjoying the outdoors.

Sorry No pic's of Fish today! SKUNKED

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Can't Dodge Fishing

I was just in the beautiful Island of Puerto Rico celebrating my one year wedding anniversary with my wife. I was going to schedule a Tarpon fishing trip but after really thinking about it, I decided not to because the trip was really meant for me and my wife to relax together (spend time together) I have really not been around lately due to work and travel for work.

We traveled the San Juan section of the island and visited as much relaxed locations as possible. But I could not dodge the fishing. I didn't exactly go fishing but it was all around me, taunting me screaming at me, saying look here FISHING is everywhere!! I watch a movie with my wife and opening of the movie was this

I went to the mall and here was this statue I would love to have in my front yard.

I look out my window and locals fishing.

My name is Manny and I'm a fishaholic! I'm going thru withdrawal. I can wait to get back out there! Best of luck to you all this 2013 season