Saturday, May 18, 2013

Rods Found and returned

Today I drove up to Suny Purchase to Meet Larry. Larry is a Honest angler that found my 2 Trolling Fishing Rods at a boat launch. Two weeks ago I was trolling and as I was putting my boat away I got a phone call and totally forgot to take my rods from the site to my car. I showed up to the boat launch the next morning hoping they were still there but they were gone. I was so pissed off at myself. I looked around and there was a note under a rock that had Larrys phone number on it and it said I have your rods.
I called Larry and he and I made arrangements to meet up today. He is a "Class Act" he wouldnt even accept a reward. So it was my lucky day and I would like to say Thank you Larry.

After I got the Rods I decided to go Flyfishing over my East & West Branch. I got Three nice browns over all and one cool little video of one. I started fishing and forgot to put my SD Card in my GoPro so I didnt get footage of the first two fish but I went back to my car and got my spare SD card in the GoPro and I hit the same hole and caught another Beauty of a Brown!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Cinco de Mayo Weekend Fly Fishing

This past Cinco de Mayo I went out Fly fishing EB / WB  (coast to coast) and i was in search of brown trout and i found them. i had all kinds, small, medium, slightly medium and large. The large Brown had a yellow belly and a great fight It could have possibly been a wild trout? . It was great and i learned so much being out there. there is no school like experience. I still need a teacher but im getting by. i made some sick videos i hope everyone enjoys

Large trout above video

Bunch of cool frisky hungry Browns in above and below videos

Weather was great and water was close to perfect. Wish every outing was like this!

5lb Lake Trout

Was out on Kensico Reservoir trolling I lost one small brown when he jumped about 2ft out the water shaking. I continued to troll around. I soon saw my friend Joe and we spoke for about 1 minute and when I started trolling again the rod bent. I proceeded to record on my gopro and Joe recorded on his phone and sent me the footage. Later on I put together a nice video check it out.
22inch 5lb laker released to grow bigger, no fins clipped so it was most likely born in Kensico

Kensico 5lb Lake Trout from Manny Martinez on Vimeo.