Friday, October 26, 2012


" HATERS "People that try to stomp on your success and make less of your accomplishments. Unfortunately we have these even in the world of fishing. It is amazing how ignorant some people can be. Now if your reading this and thinking "is he talking about me" I am probably not talking about you. But there are a select few people that slip threw the cracks that currently belong in that category. I totally understand and agree with catch and release. I also understand and agree that everyone is entitled    to there personal opinions. I personally have a blog that allows my to express myself and my views on anything I feel or deem worth of posting but I don't force people to read it or agree with me and I cannot say the same about others. I am writing all of this because i have currently dealt with someone that has been following my vids and likes to post negative comments about me not releasing all my fish. I have done some research and I found a video of this person (that chose to judge me on not releasing all my fish) not releasing his own fish in a fishing commercial. Now you all tell me what gives one person the right to persecute another person for an action the he or she has done?

Now this person stated that where he was fishing it was a place that you pay and your not allowed to release any of the fish.  So does that make it ok in his book? Why is he fishing there if he does not support keeping a fish caught with in your NY privilege? All I can say is to all of us check yourself first before passing judgement on others. You might not like what you see.

On a positive note I would like to leave you all with some more beautiful fishing art I stumbled across

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