Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fluke Season Over

This past Sunday(First Official day of Fall) I met up with my cousin in Long Island and headed out to Captree and boarded the "Fishfinder" It was a beautiful day and we were going for Fluke.
It was a long day of jigging I brought in a couple of shorts as well as my cousin and we also landed some ugly Sea-robins. The entire boat had only to keepers and that basically told us that the fluke season was over. Over all it was good time spent with good company.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Jamaica Bay Maiden Voyage

Today I headed out to Jamaica Bay with the guys I purchased the Kayak from Kevin and Willy. They were kind enough to invite me out fishing with them and "Show me the Ropes"
Weather was absolutely beautiful I could not ask for a better day weather wise. We got out on the water at 615AM and off at 1130AM We all got one fish a piece, Not much but It was a great trip. I look forward to many more!


Saturday, September 7, 2013

Birthday Fishing

Birthday fishing is awesome! I love fishing and what better to do on the morning of my birthday. I headed out to EB for some Flyfishing and was surprised to see how low the levels were this time of year at East Branch. I'm not sure what's going on with the Croton Water Supply but I'm sure levels are low everywhere. I was unsure of how the fishing would be but I was not disappointed. I hit up my fishing hole that almost always produces trout and I had 6 strikes 4 fish hooked 3 fish landed and one LDR. I also caught a LM bass the size of half my finger. 

The weather was great and it was a good two hours of time spent in Mother Nature . 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Bassin With Big Game E

Its Been a why since I have posted on my blog and that has a lot to do with work and family but Its never too late to put up a good report! My and my friend Erik went out Bassin and caught 4 small mouth 2 Lg mouth and 1 tiny lake trout in 1 hour on the Croton Watershed. It was tons of fun!


Getting into Kayaking

So I decided this year to get into Kayaking and after a couple of months of researching i finally purchased one. I bought a 2012 Hobie Outback with Mirage drive turbo fins, Lowrance Mark 4 Fish finder, Cooler and Rodholders. I am so looking forward to hitting the saltwater with it really soon.

While doing my research I found some good info for NYC kayaking launches rules and just basic all around good info i want to share. like LIC Flea has a doc that you can go kayaking on certain days for free.

 Some cool videos

If you have any Kayak tips email me