Monday, January 30, 2017

New to Tying Flies for Fly Fishing

As most of you know i am a Avid angler of all sorts but i am fairly new to Fly Fishing, With that said I have entered into the world of fly fishing very slowly and taking it step by step. In my last post i wrote on how I attended a fly tying 101 class at the Orvis in Yonkers NY. It was then and there that i learned not only the basics of Fly tying but I also learned that primitive man has used the skills of trickery for hunting way back then and it was for survival and how lucky i am that I get to try and do this as a hobby.

We live in a world that we can have anything we want at a flick of a key, So i humbles me to sit down and practice tying a simple nymph and not even get it exactly correct but to know that this will work on catching a fish.  Of course some of us would much rather spend our free time on the water fishing and so would I but think about "THE PREP" "THE DEVILS IN THE DETAILS" its quite fulfilling knowning that the next time I get out on the East branch Stream System that my flies will be the primary flies I use and the flies I have purchased in the past will be my back up flies.

Now don't get this twisted, I am not telling you to not purchase store sold flies. On the contrary I think everyone should purchase flies as well as tie there own. Its a great Hobby and "Way of Life"

So if you have the time just try it once. Im heading to the 201 Class this week and I'm excited

Here are some pics go my latest nymph

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Fly Tying 101

Today was my first time ever atemping to tie a fly. A little after i got into fly fishing i wanted to learn how to tie my own flies. This doesnt mean i would not purchase flies, it only means i wanted to be capable of tying some on my own, kind of a goal. I was not able to do so for too many reasons to list right now but finally about 4 years later i finally had an opportunity and the time to take a "fly tying 101" class.

So this morning i high talked it to Orvis in Ridgehill Yonkers NY where i was greated by an awesome staff (Len , Mike & David) and they taught me the basics of tying flies. I learned so much today but the biggest leson i learned is its all up to the eye of the beholder and there is no wrong or right as long as a fish will bite your fly!

I highly recommend taking one of these FREE classes as it was a great experiance for me and i plan on registering for the next level up class 201

Tight lines to all

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


I know its been a while but sometimes life just keeps us extra busy. I have been very blessed to have started a family and soon my two yearly daughter will be three years of age and ready to start fishing. I am really hoping that she will gravitate to fishing the same way i did, But if she does not its ok i just want her to enjoy life as it is short and we all need to be thankful for the time we have here and who we get to share it with. Happy new year to all of you

This year I plan on

Going Winter Ice Fishing

going fishing in Florida

Learning how to tie a flies (going on sat to my first class at Orvis

Early Spring Striper Fishing

Early Spring Trout Fishing, Reservoir and Stream Fly Fishing

Summer Fluke, Seabass

Kayaking for Stripers and Blues

September Salmon Run / Striper Run

Fall Trout Fly fishing

Saltwater fishing as well

These are my fishing Goals for 2017

I wish everyone a great season