Saturday, July 6, 2013

Hot Summer Days

What better way to spend a heat wave day, then out on the stream with Mother Nature and some new toys. My cool buddy from California BigWilly sent me a gift. He is a talented Rodsmith! He sent me my first 3wt Fly rod 7ft crazy medium LIGHT action! I paired it with a 3wt Orvis battenkill reel and WF floating line. I also just got a brand new pair of the Silver Sonic Waders. 
So now that you know about the new toys you can understand why even in this "HEAT WAVE" I still had to get out on the water and try it all out ASAP!

I went to the Diverting outlet at 830AM but water level was low and had no luck, doesn't matter it didn't stop me on trying out the new rig for the first time. I was more focused on the casting abilities of the rod and new line. I must admit I was shocked by how well it handled for being so small. Water temp was 68. I got one really nice hit on my fly about 3ft away from where I was standing in the water and that was it. 

I decided to drive up to Brewster and try my setup over there. The day was getting hotter. I soon got to sodom rd and saw about 8 cars. So it goes to show I'm not the only idiot out in this heat! I kept driving to "Brady's bend" to just look at the water and judge the flow. I could see one active rainbow but he could see me as well so I moved further down stream towards the bridge by the prescient. I hid in the shade under the bridge and continued practicing my casting on the new rig (now I'm liking it) I finally hook into a nice little 12in Rainbow. I didn't take him out the water because it was so hot so I just took pic's in the net and released him right away due to the weather. 
Since I achieved my goal for the day Successfully, which was try out the new Toys, I decided to get out of the heat and head home and help my family with there wants and needs. Hopefully fall comes soon so I can comfortably fish again.