Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fall Run Stripers Video

Here is a little video I put together after Sundays Striper Fest! The Andy Reel

Monday, October 28, 2013

Good days, Better days, GREAT DAYS!

Throughout the years you get some days the are bad and some that are good but rarely do you get a fishing day that you can state is "Great". I love fishing it drives me to move forward and harder to try and master it or get better with techniques and etc but sometimes it's just plain LUCK

I must say the 10-27-13 was the Luckiest Greatest Fishing day I have ever experienced. 

The day started off horrible with huge waves and me blowing chunks off the back of the boat due to sea sickness I had to sit the entire boat trip from 7am -12pm but the last 15 min of that trip the boat got into some fish and I heard "Fish On" over and over again and I was contemplating getting up and grabbing my rod and joining but by the time my body let me get up captain said I'm sorry I have to head in and pick up the second day trip. 
I immediately told my cousin Andy, I don't care if I'm sick I'm going on the second trip because I felt something during that last 15 min of the first trip. 

Captain Walter of the Fish Finder II headed right back out to the same spot and I kid you not, the moment he blew that horn and we let our size 47 Jigs down my Jig never had a chance to touch the bottom of the ocean because "FISH ON"  I look to me left and Andy had a fish on and the angler to my right PAT and Andrew had Fish on! It was absolute Madness we reached our limit as a boat on one 15 min drift. 
Captain Walt is screaming on the horn that all the rest of the fish must be released because we reached our legal limit. 
It was lights out!!! It was fishing like I have never experienced before I will remember this forever. I find it hard to think we can ever beat that day of fishing 
Between me and my cousin I think we caught and released close to 25 or 30 fish combined! It was so crazy and we were so tired the captain brought the boat in almost an hour early because it was almost unfair. I am so happy I was there and not hearing about this trip from someone else! 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Stripers and Blues

This Sunday I met up with my cousin Andy and headed out to Captree once again to see if the "Fish Finder" could put us on Stripers again. We went on the Morning Trip and Andy was able to tie the winnings for the boat pool with this fish.
  We then stood on the boat for the afternoon trip and I had forgot to mention both trips were packed to boat capacity! It was a good trip I was able to get into some blues and Stripes but it was the one that got away that drove me nuts all night. We all lost a couple of fish but i lost a huge fish that was on for more then 5 minutes and it made me sick to see another angler at that same time pull in a 37lb Striper.

All in all we had a good time and a successful trip

Monday, October 14, 2013

Year of First and Goal

This year my beloved NY Giants have been very disappointing. I have been guilty this year of saying some pretty nasty words to my Expensive 55in TV each sunday, all because of football. So it was time to head back to the water and concentrate on some of my fishing goals.

This sunday my friend Shevy came into town from Cali and I wanted to take him fishing so we planed a two part trip with my Cousin Andy to go for Tog "Blackfish in the morning and Stripers in the afternoon.

5AM we headed out to Robert Moses sand dunes in search of blackfish and all we got were casting lessons, and the important knowledge that its not a real good idea to drink Whiskey the night before!
We got to the fishing hole right before sunrise it was cold and beautiful. We drowned allot of crab and not fish so we headed to Captree Marina.

Once we got to Captree we went to the restaurant the have by the docks to eat some "Brunch". Now being defeated by the mighty Tog fish we start reading reports of great striper fishing on the boat we are about to board. Naturally we all get real excited once we see this boat enter the dock with all the anglers from the morning trip all carrying bags of Fish fillets. Our nerves state to shiver and everyone i mean everyone is talking. The captains bragging and it was almost as if we had restarted a whole new day!

We finally get on the boat and we are talking to everyone about our failing Tog trip in the AM. The boat sets and for two hours not even one bite for anyone on the boat. Now I feel like the NY Giants always missing the opportune moment. "Why the hell did we go Tog fishing" this is what we are all three thinking and state to each other.

But none the less I had a Goal to catch my first striper so i continue casting in this really harsh wavy windy water. (Good thing I took my dramamine!)    

3 hours into fishing BAMMM Slamm my thumb on the reel! All i could feel was my heart racing "FIsh On" I finally hook into one of these Beautiful monsters and all I can totally remember is asking my self is the drag set correctly, is the drag set correctly??? I cannot repeat all the words I said but it was awesome once i see this monsters face out the water and the whole boat go crazy! Its my First and Goal! 17.5lb

Ten minutes later I get re rigged put my line in the water and I am still shaking in excitement I did it I met another fishing goal and Bam Slam I hook into another fish, Now im really excited but I see Jealousy in the eyes of the other anglers but who cares I paid my money just like them! I was wrong I landed that fish and everyone congrated me on a great fishing performance It was Awesome !

I ended up winning the boat pool. It wasnt much but cool that I won it! Headed home and prepped a Victory dinner. It tasted great! Thanks to everyone I was able to get my First Striped bass and reach a goal on my 2013 list of Goals!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

First Salmon River Trip

I was invited by my friend Frank to join a group of very talented outdoorsmen on a fall fishing trip targeting Salmon & trout on the famous "Salmon River" in Pulaski NY.  As you well know it was an offer i couldn't refuse , So on Thursday Sept 26 i left work at 530pm and headed north to meet up with, Frank, Brandon, JD, Kenny, Mike K, and Chris D.

After a 5.5 hour drive to "Sandy Creek" I pulled in front of our lodge and meet up with all the fellas, All of us excited we closed our eyes for a few hours and got up 4am on Friday morning with great anticipation. We headed out to the towns famous bait shop "Fat Nancy's"  of course as soon as I got there I realized i left my wading boots back at the lodge so Chris had to drive my sorry ass back to the lodge to get them while everyone else got setup. (Thanks Chris!)

We all met up not too long after we got back with my boots and setup shop down by the town pool  upstream of the bridge area.

We were all excited and just before sunrise we all started our first cast.  We spent hours casting and changing positions and locations on the river. I learned a lot just by watching and listening to the advice of others.  it was a beautiful day and we all hooked into fish but not many fish landed.

Landing the fish was not that important to anyone because the mere chance that one hooked into a fish was such a thrill! I can only explain it two ways, One way is my friend Frank stated "its like hooking into a moving school bus!!!"  He is right it was amazing how much power these fish had. You would think by reading this the I or he was exaggerating but he and I are not! It was crazy! The second way and the best way that I could describe it is with the song I used in this video of the fishing trip. Watch it and enjoy

The trip was a success and we all had a great time together out there.  It was very tiring and made my body sore and even got me sick but I would do it again.
It did make me feel bad so see some ASS HOLES on the top of the bridge area deliberately snagging fish. On the weekend it was like a zoo up there so I would suggest if you are planning a trip up there try to go on a weekday. Check out the cool pic's of my buddies

Big Thanks to you guys the trip was a blast