Sunday, April 28, 2013

2013 Lake Trout

Yesterday I went out late (1030am) i headed out to the Big K with dreams of large trout. I decided to troll because I would loose about 45min of time if i went up north to buy bait.
I get on the boat and figured out i forgot to bring my fish finder/depth finder. Oh well I went old school and depended on my memory and pure instincts. I started rowing and a bout an hour and a half later i got my first 2013 Lake trout on a Rapala F series. Had the Go pro so you know I made a video! enjoy.

2013 Lake trout (Enhanced) from Manny Martinez on Vimeo.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Friends and Lake Trout

My friend came into town for 2 days and I took him out to the Big K in search of Trout, We headed up to Bobs Sport and Tackle first and picked up some Sawbellies. We got on the water about 530ish and continued to fish until 7pm. Wind was strong and caused me to row more then i wanted to. We got a nice hit but Shevy got excited and tried to set the hook a little early. Not to long later we see the other rod go down at then set the hook at the right time and "Fish On" Shevy pulled in a nice 21in Lake Trout. We released it to go on and get bigger

   It was good to get on the reservoir.

Lake trout 2013 Shevy from Manny Martinez on Vimeo.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

From West to East Branch

So I woke up this morning and got ready for work. I got out of work at a decent time 2pm So i shot up from the Bronx to Westchester with my fly gear. Unfortunately I had left my GoPro at home charging (not knowing i would have a chance to fish) so all I had was my I phone.

So I set out for WB Croton outlet with great anticipation of Brown Trout ( i was dreaming of them last night) while driving. I pulled off to the side off a new piece of water that i have not yet explored and I must say, West Branch is a great site even if you only want to hike and not fish. It simply "Gods Country"I spoke with a Fly fisherman coming off the WB going to his car and he told me he skunked out, I fished for about a half hour when another angler stopped by me and told me he was shit out of luck today.  I took in all the sites while fishing and 2.5 hours later no fish on the line. By this time i was about a mile (or less ) Upstream and had a long trek back to the car. as I was getting close to the car a driver stopped his car and asked how i did. I told him i had no luck today he said its been like that all day. I was shocked I thought people would have done well on WB. I then told this man I was going to try my luck on the EB, He replied "i just came from there" i replied "how'd you make out" he then continued to shake his head no. I then told him "I guess im going home instead" he then said good by and I headed to my car.

Once I got in my car I checked my emails and phone calls and text messages and in total I had about 16 combined. I then thought is this what life has come to? My connection to the business world?

I then said FFFF it I'm going to try the EB what do I have to loose? 10 min later I was on the water of the EB feeling like the reliever for the NY Yankees with a whole new energy. I hit my favorite fishing hole ( That always produces) and skunked out. I looked above head and saw huge birds. Couldnt tell what kind but looks like birds that surround dead things!

Now i am actually down stream and changed my presentation (for the 5th time today) and Bam I nailed a beauty of a rainbow trout, quick release and continued further upstream until i got to my "hot spot fishing hole and Bam #2 Rainbow trout on the line.

Headed home after that with a sense of self accomplishment!

I love this SHIT!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Rainbow Heaven West Branch

April 13 2013 Headed out to WB got on the water about 1030am. Had my GoPro on me with half battery life. Started down stream with a double nymph rig and worked my way upstream. The water was quite forceful and i almost fell down a couple of times. I start fishing and catch my first tree fish right away. It sucks, looked like a really good piece of water and i didnt even get to fish it because i was fighting the tree above to save my double nymph rig.

Not too long after my first tree fish I landed a small stockie Brown trout and first cast after that I landed my first WB Rainbow trout. I was not aware until today that WB had Rainbow trout stocked in it. It was also my first Rainbow of the season on the Croton watershed. That said 5 lost flies (to tree fish) later I had landed a total of 5 Rainbows and 1 Brown trout and was off the water by 2pm. Hopefully I will do as well or better tomorrow. You can see all the pic's on my little homemade video. Hope you all like it.

West Branch on the Croton 4-13-13 from Manny Martinez on Vimeo.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Westbranch on the Croton Watershed

Decided that this season I would try other locations that I have never tried before (a lot easier said then done). So I drove to Amawalk outlet but there was nowhere close to park so I tried to find the inlet and had no luck finding it. I changed direction and pulled over by Croton falls rd and decided to try this strip of water that I have never tried before. I got out the car it was about 1130 am at this point and as I got suited up in my waders I see an angler returning to his car and I asked him how he did and his reply was he had been there since very early and had no luck at all. He continued to complain about how he went all the way to the Dam and no luck, He had been fishing there for years (since he was a kid) and he used to catch 10-20 fish there each outing in the past during this time of year. I then said good buy and he said good luck Its now 1145am

I started heading into the stream and noticed that it was very low and about 8-16 inches deep so i continued exploring and Hi Sticking. with no luck and then saw that there was a stream adjacent to this one that had a much more aggressive flow. I then changed streams, It was deeper and the possibilities looked really good (picked up a call from Mike MVB and contemplated leaving and heading to EB) I decided to try for a couple of cast. and Boom 12pm I nailed a nice Brown and another at 1210pm 15ft upstream of the first one then 1215 I hooked and lost another one. So I guess the lesson i learned today was it may not be experience but it might be beginners luck Very Happy No for real time of day may be key along with presentation selections. I also forgot to mention I was nymphing and used a small camo splitshot for the first time. My first Westbranch Trout!