Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fishing in the Fall

Fishing In the Fall is still very new to me this is only the second season that I am attempting to fish after October 15. This is also the first season that I will be attempting to Fly Fish during the fall and it opens all new doors and adventures to my days off. Fishing during this time also increases my studies towards to sport of fishing in general.

I will be joining an Orvis class this weekend on Fly Fishing. I am really excited to be going to this seminar. I still have a whole lot to learn about the fly. Also on Sunday I will be trying out some saltwater shore fishing for "Black" fish for the first time ever and i am quite excited about this. I hope to learn a lot and i am wishing for good weather.

Today I will leave you all with more fishing art I have found in the past week or so that I feel is appropriate for this subject of "Fishing in the Fall"

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