Sunday, September 30, 2012

East Branch With Friends

Today I was lucky enough to get invited to EB by some fishing buddies (Mike & Mike). We all met up at 630am and we hit the water immediately afterwards. Everyone caught Trout it was a great day to be on the water. When everyone left I stood out there until about 1pm. While i stood out there I connected with a sweet Brown trout. Today also happens to be the last day of the season for a couple of streams so be careful, Check before you try to go out. East Branch is open year round.

Bows love Buggers!

Sweet Brown

Happy Birthday Mike and thanks again for the invite! 

Blue Gill are always fun

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Skunked while fishing Gleneida

Lake Gleneida

My 10ft Noodle Rod Setup

I finally found a day to go fishing with low winds. So I decided to break in my new boat on Lake Gleneida. Its a lake that is stocked annually with Brown, Rainbow, and Lake trout. It also has Bass, Pickerel, Panfish, Perch, Carp and Catfish. I got out on the water by 7am with live bait (Sawbellies). There was a decent size over cast and a little chilly, Surface temp was 67 degrees. I fished until about 12pm and not one hit. It was my first time ever on this body of water but I plan on going there a lot next season. Getting "Skunked" on a new body of water must be common. I think its good to log when we get skunked so we can reflect back on our over sites and or mistakes and learn from them. Gleneida is a  small beauty and I am happy to finally have an opportunity to fish on it. All in all it was still a day on the water and not at work, so I have no complaints.    

Friday, September 28, 2012

GoPro outdoor edition video camera

I was able to get the Go Pro today. I hope to shoot some cool 1080p HD fishing videos with it soon! When I do I will be sure to post vids on the blog via YouTube.
Here is a video on a go pro that I just saw. It helped me to decide to purchase this camera

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


My New Tank

Electric Yellow Cichlids
Baby Cichlids
As you can tell by now I love fish. So why not have an aquarium? I do have two freshwater Cichlid aquariums. 1 is a 45 gallon aquariums and the other is a 55 gallon aquariums. Its a great hobby and it seems to help with stress levels. I have recently pondered the thought of starting a saltwater tank. The TV show tanked on Animal Planet always gets me excited about these saltwater aquariums also but I cannot seem to find the courage to do so. I am scared of the cost, time, and basically failure of doing it correct. When i search for info on  saltwater tanks, there seems to be so many "correct" & "inexpensive" ways to build the setup. I still don't believe half of them,so I stuck with freshwater. Here are some pic's and a video of my fish.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fishing Diary

I know some people think diaries are childish but I feel it can be a great resource of information. As we get older we gain more priorities and responsibilities. These may affect our memories (less space for info in our brains) So its important to log or jot down our fishing experiences, so we have something to look back on when we cant remember where we caught that "5"pound Bass or huge lake trout. Pictures are always great but they cannot tell you all the info.
The DEC also has diary programs that they are  currently looking for members to join and be a part of. By joining this and entering in "Honest" information it helps the DEC with there annual reports and decisions on how they will deal with the following fishing seasons to com. If you are interested in participating here is the info

There is also a separate diary program for Lake trout in Kensico Reservoir and if you are interested in participating in the Kensico diary read this below

"The New York State Region 3 Unit will be looking for anglers to participate in a angler diary program for Kensico Reservoir (Trout and Salmon). The information gathered through the angler diary program is extremely useful for helping to better manage the fishery. For more information please contact Ryan Coulter at 845-256-2204."
"To apply for a NYC DEP Watershed Access Permit use the link located on the right column under Links Leaving DEC's Website."
"If you need more fishing information or would like to contribute to the fishing report/post a picture of your catch, please call Ryan Coulter; 845-256-2204 or email       "

I have met Ryan in person and he is very dedicated to helping out our fisheries and doing his job to the best of his ability. He has helped me with information that i was looking for and I also participate in the diary program.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Game Plan

Two Days Later and the great feeling is still in me.

The brown i caught on 9-22 ( on a 8.6ft St Croix Rod- 5wt Orvis Access Reel) had me shaking when I hooked him and felt his pressure. You can here me shaking in the youtube video I posted. Once I started shaking I figured I would just not fight him hard and I would just kept enough pressure on him to keep him hooked and lead him to the net. That "Game Plan" worked out great. As soon as he was in the net and i released tension on the line and hook he spit the hook out with out me having to remove it. It was SICK. Im still excited over it.

Now I just need to get a head cam so I can video record hands free. Anyone has any better suggestions then the Go Pro Hero 2 Cam?

The NY DEC was able to send me a replacement lifetime license for $5 i should get it this week. To replace the one I lost on 9-22 at EB

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Spawning Trout

I hear that during this time of year large trout from the reservoirs will be swimming upstream to spawn. So if your targeting trout, check the mouth of the reservoir and you might get lucky. There has been many good reports. If you plan on fishing West Branch Streams or Croton Falls outlets hurry up before that season comes to a close at the end of the month.

I believe that the trout in the reservoirs that anglers connect with in the next month might be small trout due to the spawn. You can still connect with large trout in the reservoirs but i feel that your better off targeting other species like Bass, Pickerel, and Perch. Good luck to all of you

Saturday, September 22, 2012

East Branch 9-22-12

Brown Slapped me

Look how Dark his colors are

Today I went to the East Branch and went Fly fishing at 8am. The Sun was blocked by clouds and it was slightly chilly, but not much. I started fishing nymphs when I remembered reading about using streamers in low sun light situations and so I switched over to a dark colored wooly bugger. In ten minutes I connected with a nice rainbow a little later I connected with another trout but I lost him due to a break in the tippet.
I continued to walk further south down the trail until i saw a nice piece of water that was a little more deep then I usually fish (about 3-4ft deep) and I tied on a second wooly bugger with a tungsten gold beadhead. (to get the streamer deeper in the water. I connected with the best stream trout I have ever caught a 17-18 inch brown trout I think it was 1 & 1/2 pound or two pounds. It was hard to take pic's because he tail slapped me and slipped out my hands back into the water but boy was it a great fight. Good thing i recorded the FIGHT!    I will put the vid up later after it uploads  

Friday, September 21, 2012

Fishing Art

Here is some nice Art for fishing I found I figured I would share

Day 1

Today is my first day on the Blog and I plan to Share with everyone who reads my blog
Fly Fishing, Baitfishing and Lure Trolling the NYC Watershed info that i come across while i am learning and experiencing fishing in my fishing travels, studies and searches.
As we all know I cannot give out every secrete that i learn but im sure most of the post I put up will either be informative, enjoying or even possibly funny. I might also post some of my past adventures as well as future ones so Hopefully you all will enjoy and thanks for checking out my blog. PS check out my blog and let me know your thoughts!