Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Jbay Video

Sunday, May 18, 2014

kayaking J-bay 5-17-14

I headed out my house at 330am and went to go get my jeep with kayak and drove through the Van Wyck expwy to the belt pkwy and straight to Floyd Bennett Field. I met up with so e of the KFA-NY boyz that were camping out there (Big K Willy) for the tournament all week. We. Got on the water about 545am and set out for stripers. 

We hit some bluefish action early and it was fun. They sure are head bangers but they were not exactly what we were looking for. I continued trolling a tube and worm and a Yozuri crank bait and kept nailng blues. 

We continued trolling east and before you know it we were at JFK airport and bunker all over the place but still no Striper action. Eventually a couple of KFA members caught a couple of decent sized stripers live lining bunker but no real action. 

So I decided to head back to the boat launch. I did not understand exactly how far I had travelled nor did I notice how bad the wind picking up was going to be for the trip back to the launch. To cut a long story short let me just say it took me about 3&1/2 hours to get back and during the trip back I finally caught my first striped bass on a kayak. It was by no means a monster but at least I caught the species I head out to get. 

I am extremely tired and grateful at the same time. It was a great work out and just like getting a hang over after drinking ( when u tell yourself I will never do that again) I survived and I can't wait to do it all over a again!!

Way toooo many names to drop so -- Thank you all that helped me.