Saturday, February 21, 2015

Hidden Treasure in Miami

have traveled to Miami over 70 times in my life and have never really fished it like I should have (being that I'm a avid fisherman) July 2014 i scheduled a day while traveling to Miami (for work) to go fishing with a friend of mine (Scott) that's going to school in Miami and his schedule ended up conflicting with mine. Even though it sucked that once again I couldn't go fishing in Miami This was in fact a good thing. 
Scott of @Scottsfishingtails ended up getting more experience and fishing with more people and gaining lots of useful knowledge. Once he found out I was coming back to Miami in Feb of 2015 he cleared his calendar for me to go fishing with him on the day that I could get off of work regardless of his clients begging him for that date. 

So late Friday morning me and Scott headed out to the local bait shop and straight to one of his honey holes and on the First Cast! He put me onto a 7lb huge beautiful Butterfly Peacock Bass ( My first ever) I was so happy, thankful but at the same time I felt vindicated, like I deserved this, had not fished for a long time. 
Then I wasn't done Scott took me to 8 more locations where we continued to straight destroy the water with more great catches of Peacocks and Largemouth bass,

So we finally left the fishing honey holes and when I thought we were done he ask me are you ready for a SLAM! "We are going for Snook" he Gauranteed me a Snook. I though he was Crazy because the temps dropped really low that I had to put on a sweater in South Miami. 
We headed out for the snook location and when we got there, there was some "Salty" Old men and they told us "your not going to catch anything tonight" 
Scott told me these guys were really good. I didn't care I wanted the Slam! 

So WE chased it and got it 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

9-11-16 (6 pounds 6 oz )

September 11th is a national day of remembrance of the lives that were lost in a terrible attack on the US in NYC. But this 9-11-2014 is a change for me and my family. We will now celebrate it as the Birth of our first Child a bouncing baby Girl "Hailey" she was quite a catch. Long fight she pulled a lot a drag from 550am and fought until she was caught ( Born ) 1016PM EST 

We are beyond excited. We look forward to year to celebrate 

PS I also hope to get fishing again soon but I'm not in a rush!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Lakers Still on the Hunt

I have not been fishing in a couple of weeks and I really had the ich to get out there so I hit the Rye side of Kensico in search of some trout action. Got out around 730ish and started trolling crank baits and didn't get a hit for hours. I marked fish in different sections of water speratically but nothing solid. And then finally at 11am I got a strike but wasn't able to keep the fish on the line. I thought it would be a Skunky day. I almost gave up but I kept the faith and stuck it out "Eye of the Tiger" ( $NWM$ ) I finally got a decent lake trout on the line and was able to land him. Decent size but kept doing the death spiral and wrapped itself in the fishing line in the net. 
I unwrapped him quick, snapped a pic and revived him and released back to grow bigger! 

Landed 4 lakers and lost 5 all safely released all in different sections of the water column ( must be getting fat before the spawn) 

Monday, June 2, 2014

Fresh! & Salt Put your time in!

Its Been a while since my last post on my blog. I have done some fishing that was unable to put up do to work, home and family. (Its been really busy).
I have done both FRESH water (reservoir) and SALT water (bay) fishing and both have been tremendously fun, Great work out trolling with legs (on yak) and arms/shoulders (on row). I have had decent success but i really need more time on the water. It clears my head, thoughts and worry's in addition to the great sense of achievements of actually catching fish.

I cannot express how important it is to "put time in" on the water . in order to achieve success in fishing. Of course we all hear about that "LUCKY" catch but i know for a fact that it is not easy to catch and remain catching fish on a constant basis. You really need to be in the right place at the right time.

Information and gear is also needed but does not have to be top line and the best information is experience via Trial & Error.  Information is great when given to you by others but its learned once you have done it.

Remember "Safety first " "Put your TIME IN" and teach your children how to fish!

Here are some vids i put up on Youtube of some outings I had last month.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

kayaking J-bay 5-17-14

I headed out my house at 330am and went to go get my jeep with kayak and drove through the Van Wyck expwy to the belt pkwy and straight to Floyd Bennett Field. I met up with so e of the KFA-NY boyz that were camping out there (Big K Willy) for the tournament all week. We. Got on the water about 545am and set out for stripers. 

We hit some bluefish action early and it was fun. They sure are head bangers but they were not exactly what we were looking for. I continued trolling a tube and worm and a Yozuri crank bait and kept nailng blues. 

We continued trolling east and before you know it we were at JFK airport and bunker all over the place but still no Striper action. Eventually a couple of KFA members caught a couple of decent sized stripers live lining bunker but no real action. 

So I decided to head back to the boat launch. I did not understand exactly how far I had travelled nor did I notice how bad the wind picking up was going to be for the trip back to the launch. To cut a long story short let me just say it took me about 3&1/2 hours to get back and during the trip back I finally caught my first striped bass on a kayak. It was by no means a monster but at least I caught the species I head out to get. 

I am extremely tired and grateful at the same time. It was a great work out and just like getting a hang over after drinking ( when u tell yourself I will never do that again) I survived and I can't wait to do it all over a again!!

Way toooo many names to drop so -- Thank you all that helped me. 

Sunday, April 27, 2014

I have done well with lake trout the past couple of weekends. Heres some vid footage of me trolling