Saturday, January 14, 2017

Fly Tying 101

Today was my first time ever atemping to tie a fly. A little after i got into fly fishing i wanted to learn how to tie my own flies. This doesnt mean i would not purchase flies, it only means i wanted to be capable of tying some on my own, kind of a goal. I was not able to do so for too many reasons to list right now but finally about 4 years later i finally had an opportunity and the time to take a "fly tying 101" class.

So this morning i high talked it to Orvis in Ridgehill Yonkers NY where i was greated by an awesome staff (Len , Mike & David) and they taught me the basics of tying flies. I learned so much today but the biggest leson i learned is its all up to the eye of the beholder and there is no wrong or right as long as a fish will bite your fly!

I highly recommend taking one of these FREE classes as it was a great experiance for me and i plan on registering for the next level up class 201

Tight lines to all

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