Saturday, February 21, 2015

Hidden Treasure in Miami

have traveled to Miami over 70 times in my life and have never really fished it like I should have (being that I'm a avid fisherman) July 2014 i scheduled a day while traveling to Miami (for work) to go fishing with a friend of mine (Scott) that's going to school in Miami and his schedule ended up conflicting with mine. Even though it sucked that once again I couldn't go fishing in Miami This was in fact a good thing. 
Scott of @Scottsfishingtails ended up getting more experience and fishing with more people and gaining lots of useful knowledge. Once he found out I was coming back to Miami in Feb of 2015 he cleared his calendar for me to go fishing with him on the day that I could get off of work regardless of his clients begging him for that date. 

So late Friday morning me and Scott headed out to the local bait shop and straight to one of his honey holes and on the First Cast! He put me onto a 7lb huge beautiful Butterfly Peacock Bass ( My first ever) I was so happy, thankful but at the same time I felt vindicated, like I deserved this, had not fished for a long time. 
Then I wasn't done Scott took me to 8 more locations where we continued to straight destroy the water with more great catches of Peacocks and Largemouth bass,

So we finally left the fishing honey holes and when I thought we were done he ask me are you ready for a SLAM! "We are going for Snook" he Gauranteed me a Snook. I though he was Crazy because the temps dropped really low that I had to put on a sweater in South Miami. 
We headed out for the snook location and when we got there, there was some "Salty" Old men and they told us "your not going to catch anything tonight" 
Scott told me these guys were really good. I didn't care I wanted the Slam! 

So WE chased it and got it 
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