Sunday, August 17, 2014

Lakers Still on the Hunt

I have not been fishing in a couple of weeks and I really had the ich to get out there so I hit the Rye side of Kensico in search of some trout action. Got out around 730ish and started trolling crank baits and didn't get a hit for hours. I marked fish in different sections of water speratically but nothing solid. And then finally at 11am I got a strike but wasn't able to keep the fish on the line. I thought it would be a Skunky day. I almost gave up but I kept the faith and stuck it out "Eye of the Tiger" ( $NWM$ ) I finally got a decent lake trout on the line and was able to land him. Decent size but kept doing the death spiral and wrapped itself in the fishing line in the net. 
I unwrapped him quick, snapped a pic and revived him and released back to grow bigger! 

Landed 4 lakers and lost 5 all safely released all in different sections of the water column ( must be getting fat before the spawn) 

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