Friday, February 3, 2017

Orvis Fly Tying Class 201

Last Night afterwork I joined the Yonkers Ridgehill Orvis Store Fly tying 201 class, led by Len.
I brought along my new fly kit and Len showed us some dubbing techniques, along with some other very valuable fly tying tricks and essentials. (Thank you Len )  

We sat there and played and tied and played and tied and watched as he amazed us with some of these tieback techniques along with the whip finish (that I'm still fighting with) and he made it look so easy. Now as you can imagine my flies once completed were not looking half as nice as our instructers flies but none the less i am confident that my flies will catch fish! I kinda like the imperfections and i think they will stand out (in the water) in a good way to cause a triggered strike by some quality trout!

We were all joking at the end of the night about how you can tie a perfect flies but a kid will catch a huge trout on a broken lure or a fly that was unravelling and falling apart. But the perfect Fly only caught the angler! Now thats a fact!!!! At the end there is no wrong fly (as long as it catches fish) there is only bad knots. It is up to our imaginations and the personal choices of the materials that we decide to use in our flies that make this art of fly tying really true.  Enjoy your 2017 fishing season and I wish you all many more to come!

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