Monday, September 24, 2012

Game Plan

Two Days Later and the great feeling is still in me.

The brown i caught on 9-22 ( on a 8.6ft St Croix Rod- 5wt Orvis Access Reel) had me shaking when I hooked him and felt his pressure. You can here me shaking in the youtube video I posted. Once I started shaking I figured I would just not fight him hard and I would just kept enough pressure on him to keep him hooked and lead him to the net. That "Game Plan" worked out great. As soon as he was in the net and i released tension on the line and hook he spit the hook out with out me having to remove it. It was SICK. Im still excited over it.

Now I just need to get a head cam so I can video record hands free. Anyone has any better suggestions then the Go Pro Hero 2 Cam?

The NY DEC was able to send me a replacement lifetime license for $5 i should get it this week. To replace the one I lost on 9-22 at EB

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