Wednesday, September 26, 2012


My New Tank

Electric Yellow Cichlids
Baby Cichlids
As you can tell by now I love fish. So why not have an aquarium? I do have two freshwater Cichlid aquariums. 1 is a 45 gallon aquariums and the other is a 55 gallon aquariums. Its a great hobby and it seems to help with stress levels. I have recently pondered the thought of starting a saltwater tank. The TV show tanked on Animal Planet always gets me excited about these saltwater aquariums also but I cannot seem to find the courage to do so. I am scared of the cost, time, and basically failure of doing it correct. When i search for info on  saltwater tanks, there seems to be so many "correct" & "inexpensive" ways to build the setup. I still don't believe half of them,so I stuck with freshwater. Here are some pic's and a video of my fish.

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