Saturday, September 29, 2012

Skunked while fishing Gleneida

Lake Gleneida

My 10ft Noodle Rod Setup

I finally found a day to go fishing with low winds. So I decided to break in my new boat on Lake Gleneida. Its a lake that is stocked annually with Brown, Rainbow, and Lake trout. It also has Bass, Pickerel, Panfish, Perch, Carp and Catfish. I got out on the water by 7am with live bait (Sawbellies). There was a decent size over cast and a little chilly, Surface temp was 67 degrees. I fished until about 12pm and not one hit. It was my first time ever on this body of water but I plan on going there a lot next season. Getting "Skunked" on a new body of water must be common. I think its good to log when we get skunked so we can reflect back on our over sites and or mistakes and learn from them. Gleneida is a  small beauty and I am happy to finally have an opportunity to fish on it. All in all it was still a day on the water and not at work, so I have no complaints.    
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