Saturday, September 22, 2012

East Branch 9-22-12

Brown Slapped me

Look how Dark his colors are

Today I went to the East Branch and went Fly fishing at 8am. The Sun was blocked by clouds and it was slightly chilly, but not much. I started fishing nymphs when I remembered reading about using streamers in low sun light situations and so I switched over to a dark colored wooly bugger. In ten minutes I connected with a nice rainbow a little later I connected with another trout but I lost him due to a break in the tippet.
I continued to walk further south down the trail until i saw a nice piece of water that was a little more deep then I usually fish (about 3-4ft deep) and I tied on a second wooly bugger with a tungsten gold beadhead. (to get the streamer deeper in the water. I connected with the best stream trout I have ever caught a 17-18 inch brown trout I think it was 1 & 1/2 pound or two pounds. It was hard to take pic's because he tail slapped me and slipped out my hands back into the water but boy was it a great fight. Good thing i recorded the FIGHT!    I will put the vid up later after it uploads  
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