Monday, October 28, 2013

Good days, Better days, GREAT DAYS!

Throughout the years you get some days the are bad and some that are good but rarely do you get a fishing day that you can state is "Great". I love fishing it drives me to move forward and harder to try and master it or get better with techniques and etc but sometimes it's just plain LUCK

I must say the 10-27-13 was the Luckiest Greatest Fishing day I have ever experienced. 

The day started off horrible with huge waves and me blowing chunks off the back of the boat due to sea sickness I had to sit the entire boat trip from 7am -12pm but the last 15 min of that trip the boat got into some fish and I heard "Fish On" over and over again and I was contemplating getting up and grabbing my rod and joining but by the time my body let me get up captain said I'm sorry I have to head in and pick up the second day trip. 
I immediately told my cousin Andy, I don't care if I'm sick I'm going on the second trip because I felt something during that last 15 min of the first trip. 

Captain Walter of the Fish Finder II headed right back out to the same spot and I kid you not, the moment he blew that horn and we let our size 47 Jigs down my Jig never had a chance to touch the bottom of the ocean because "FISH ON"  I look to me left and Andy had a fish on and the angler to my right PAT and Andrew had Fish on! It was absolute Madness we reached our limit as a boat on one 15 min drift. 
Captain Walt is screaming on the horn that all the rest of the fish must be released because we reached our legal limit. 
It was lights out!!! It was fishing like I have never experienced before I will remember this forever. I find it hard to think we can ever beat that day of fishing 
Between me and my cousin I think we caught and released close to 25 or 30 fish combined! It was so crazy and we were so tired the captain brought the boat in almost an hour early because it was almost unfair. I am so happy I was there and not hearing about this trip from someone else! 

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