Sunday, January 6, 2013

Cod Fishing Captree

I know that this is not exactly Reservoir Fishing but its a 2013 Manny Fresh Fishing report.
So my cousin and I finally just picked up and went out for a Cod fishing trip today. Good news first is I finally went fishing! ;D Bad news is we didnt land any Cod fish.  >:(

Over all it was a pretty decent day on the water. We started off meeting at Captree dock at 530AM today and we got on the boat with many other SW anglers. My and my cousins first time out for Cod fishing so we didn't exactly match all the seasoned SW anglers attire but we were dressed warm enough for the weather today.  We set sail at 610am and continued out towards the ocean for the next 3 1/2 hours and the waves where really bad (almost got Seasick but I took Dramamine at 5am) boat was a rocking back and forth ans stuff was falling everywhere. Once the sun rose the water finally calmed down and my nausea went away.

30 miles off shore and 3 and a half hours later we dropped anchor and stared fishing. I was so happy to get a line wet again even if it was a SW line. But who cares in Jan "Fishing is fishing", Or at least thats what I was told. We (me and my cousin) caught Ling fish (?) and Dog fish all day long and only 4 anglers on the boat landed Cod fish. My cousin did at one point have a Cod on the line but it got off as he was calling for the Gaff.

I had a great ride home (with no waves) and the trip was well worth it. Even though we had no Cod to bring home. Maybe next time

My 8th Dogfish!

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