Wednesday, November 7, 2012

PFD Life Jackets/ Preservers

For those that fish year round or even just boat year round please be advised that starting Nov 1 2012 - May1 2013 All People that get on the water in NY have to wear a Personal Floatation Device. This is the PFD I purchased this season. Which ever PFD you have or purchase it must be worn by the boat occupant (not just on board) May 1-Oct 31st you can either where a PFD or Just simply have a  PFD of "Type III" on board the vessel you are on. These can really save your life. The water temps during this time of year really prevent people from swimming at there best and can really immobilize really good swimmers and cause hypothermia. So do yourselves a favor and wear your PFD and encourage your friends and other anglers to do the same.

"Question: At what age does a child no longer have to wear a life jacket?
Answer: All children under the age of 12 must wear an approved personal flotation device while the vessel is underway.
Question: Do I need to have a lifejacket (U.S. Coast Guard personal flotation device) for every person onboard?
 Yes. There must be a U.S. Coast Guard approved flotation device for every person on board any vessel, personal watercraft (PWC), canoe, kayaks and rowboats. If aboard a PWC, it must be worn at all times when the PWC is in operation. From November 1 to May 1, lifejackets must be worn by all persons on boats under 21', canoes, kayaks, rowboats while they are underway."

You dont have to purchase this exact PFD. This is just the one I purchased. Note that during May 1st- Oct 31st this specific PFD is not up to the grade where I can just have it on  board. It must be worn because its only a "Type II"  In order to not where one and just keep it on board it must be a "Type III" and must be in-between May 1st and Oct 31st.

Any Questions please contact your local DEC or DEP

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