Saturday, April 13, 2013

Rainbow Heaven West Branch

April 13 2013 Headed out to WB got on the water about 1030am. Had my GoPro on me with half battery life. Started down stream with a double nymph rig and worked my way upstream. The water was quite forceful and i almost fell down a couple of times. I start fishing and catch my first tree fish right away. It sucks, looked like a really good piece of water and i didnt even get to fish it because i was fighting the tree above to save my double nymph rig.

Not too long after my first tree fish I landed a small stockie Brown trout and first cast after that I landed my first WB Rainbow trout. I was not aware until today that WB had Rainbow trout stocked in it. It was also my first Rainbow of the season on the Croton watershed. That said 5 lost flies (to tree fish) later I had landed a total of 5 Rainbows and 1 Brown trout and was off the water by 2pm. Hopefully I will do as well or better tomorrow. You can see all the pic's on my little homemade video. Hope you all like it.

West Branch on the Croton 4-13-13 from Manny Martinez on Vimeo.

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