Saturday, April 20, 2013

From West to East Branch

So I woke up this morning and got ready for work. I got out of work at a decent time 2pm So i shot up from the Bronx to Westchester with my fly gear. Unfortunately I had left my GoPro at home charging (not knowing i would have a chance to fish) so all I had was my I phone.

So I set out for WB Croton outlet with great anticipation of Brown Trout ( i was dreaming of them last night) while driving. I pulled off to the side off a new piece of water that i have not yet explored and I must say, West Branch is a great site even if you only want to hike and not fish. It simply "Gods Country"I spoke with a Fly fisherman coming off the WB going to his car and he told me he skunked out, I fished for about a half hour when another angler stopped by me and told me he was shit out of luck today.  I took in all the sites while fishing and 2.5 hours later no fish on the line. By this time i was about a mile (or less ) Upstream and had a long trek back to the car. as I was getting close to the car a driver stopped his car and asked how i did. I told him i had no luck today he said its been like that all day. I was shocked I thought people would have done well on WB. I then told this man I was going to try my luck on the EB, He replied "i just came from there" i replied "how'd you make out" he then continued to shake his head no. I then told him "I guess im going home instead" he then said good by and I headed to my car.

Once I got in my car I checked my emails and phone calls and text messages and in total I had about 16 combined. I then thought is this what life has come to? My connection to the business world?

I then said FFFF it I'm going to try the EB what do I have to loose? 10 min later I was on the water of the EB feeling like the reliever for the NY Yankees with a whole new energy. I hit my favorite fishing hole ( That always produces) and skunked out. I looked above head and saw huge birds. Couldnt tell what kind but looks like birds that surround dead things!

Now i am actually down stream and changed my presentation (for the 5th time today) and Bam I nailed a beauty of a rainbow trout, quick release and continued further upstream until i got to my "hot spot fishing hole and Bam #2 Rainbow trout on the line.

Headed home after that with a sense of self accomplishment!

I love this SHIT!

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