Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Sunday Fishing

Today I was out trying to get sometime out trolling on a reservoir but the winds changed my plans and I headed out to the East Branch on the Croton. (I was there yesterday and was skunked). I have a new GoPro Camera along with my new Helios and Tver reel setup. I decided to try a new area that I never fished before and Bam (on my first cat) I hooked into a nice Brown Trout! I was so happy the smell of skunk was gone. 10 min later I nailed another Brown Trout in the same area. What could possibly stop me now? Work called and I had to leave after only a half hour of fishing. (SUCKS!) I am almost sure I could have caught more fish. Anyway Happy easter to everyone I hope you enjoy the vid & pic's

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