Sunday, March 3, 2013

Can't Dodge Fishing

I was just in the beautiful Island of Puerto Rico celebrating my one year wedding anniversary with my wife. I was going to schedule a Tarpon fishing trip but after really thinking about it, I decided not to because the trip was really meant for me and my wife to relax together (spend time together) I have really not been around lately due to work and travel for work.

We traveled the San Juan section of the island and visited as much relaxed locations as possible. But I could not dodge the fishing. I didn't exactly go fishing but it was all around me, taunting me screaming at me, saying look here FISHING is everywhere!! I watch a movie with my wife and opening of the movie was this

I went to the mall and here was this statue I would love to have in my front yard.

I look out my window and locals fishing.

My name is Manny and I'm a fishaholic! I'm going thru withdrawal. I can wait to get back out there! Best of luck to you all this 2013 season

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