Saturday, May 18, 2013

Rods Found and returned

Today I drove up to Suny Purchase to Meet Larry. Larry is a Honest angler that found my 2 Trolling Fishing Rods at a boat launch. Two weeks ago I was trolling and as I was putting my boat away I got a phone call and totally forgot to take my rods from the site to my car. I showed up to the boat launch the next morning hoping they were still there but they were gone. I was so pissed off at myself. I looked around and there was a note under a rock that had Larrys phone number on it and it said I have your rods.
I called Larry and he and I made arrangements to meet up today. He is a "Class Act" he wouldnt even accept a reward. So it was my lucky day and I would like to say Thank you Larry.

After I got the Rods I decided to go Flyfishing over my East & West Branch. I got Three nice browns over all and one cool little video of one. I started fishing and forgot to put my SD Card in my GoPro so I didnt get footage of the first two fish but I went back to my car and got my spare SD card in the GoPro and I hit the same hole and caught another Beauty of a Brown!

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